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From one man businesses to the biggest names in the waste management industry.
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Remounts & Refurbishments

We have completed refurbishment projects for one-man businesses and for some of the biggest names in the waste management industry. We can professionally remount your existing tank onto a new chassis to the latest legal requirements and take care of the Type approval or we can remount your tank onto a re-used chassis. We can build a replacement tank to go onto your existing chassis reusing the original equipment. These projects can be achieved on a budget, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

A Whale Tankers tank, a Crossland tank or any other make can be remounted onto an alternative chassis. R One has specialised in the remounting of vacuum and pressure tanks since 1999. Our remounts are professionally carried out. New heavy duty subframes and of any make mountings are fitted to the chassis manufacturers recommendations, and we can reuse your exiting vacuum and jetting systems or use the opportunity to upgrade your equipment. Tank remounts are fastest and most cost-effective way to keep your tank or fleet of tanks on the road.

3500 Gallon Vacuum Tanker on New DAF CF Chassis

30,000 Ltr ADR Remount and Refurbishment

Gulley Emptier Remount and Refurbishment

30,000 Ltr ADR Remount and Refurbishment

2000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker

3500 Gallon Vacuum Tanker

6000 Gallon Liquid Ring Tipping Tanker